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Pacific Union’s July Real Estate Update
Though median prices in many of our Bay Area markets experienced a slight midsummer cooling from June to July, homes are still in high demand, as low inventory levels and above-list sales prices attest. The median home price topped $1 million in Marin County, and prices in Sonoma County also hit yearly highs. See how all the numbers stack up in Pacific Union’s July Real Estate Update, available at
Homes Less Affordable Across California but Still a Bargain Compared With 2007
A recent home-affordability report shows that prices continue to rise beyond the reach of most Californians, but houses are still a bargain compared with six years ago, when only 11 percent of the state’s residents could afford to buy a home. Get the full story at
As Real Estate Markets Evolve, Buying a Home Takes Longer
Buyers today typically mull over thoughts of homeownership for nearly six months before reaching out to a real estate professional for advice. That’s nearly twice as long as one year ago, as buyers react cautiously to today’s real estate environment. Read all about it here:
Pacific Union’s Best Marin County Activities
Whether you want to take a scenic hike, buy locally grown produce at a farmers’ market, or catch a show at a cozy venue, Marin County surely has something to fit the bill. Tap our real estate professionals’ local expertise to get the skinny on the region’s top activities, online at
Real Estate Roundup: Bay Area Sales Volume Reaches Seven-Year High
Recent news of interest to homebuyers, home sellers, and the home-curious includes a report that more Bay Area homes were sold in July than at any point since 2006. In addition, California markets no longer lead the U.S. in home inventory-level declines. Get all the news at